Picking a Theme for Your Bachelorette Party

The theme for the bachelorette party you will be hosting is going to be very easy: The Bride! However, you can tweak the theme to reflect your bride-friend’s favorite colors and to incorporate specific elements that the bride likes, such as her favorite actor. You can name drinks and food after some of her favorite things to better tie in the theme. Simply fold an index card in half and write the name of the cocktail or party food in script handwriting. Then, place the card in front of the drinks or the platters on the reception table at the bachelorette party. Here is an example:

Let’s say your bride-friend has a major crush on Tom Cruise (even after all these years), and she loves purple. You can incorporate both of these elements into one theme for the bachelorette party. Buy some purple paper from your local craft store, glue it to index cards, and trim away the excess paper. Fold the purple cards in half, and write creative names for food and drinks on the cards such as “Footloose Fizz,” “Crusin’ Cocktails,” “Top Gun Tostadas,” and “You Can’t Handle the Truth Long Island Iced Tea.” This list can go on and on, and with a little brainstorming, you can come up with a handful of creative names that incorporate your bride-friend’s favorite things. Be creative!

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