Planning a Surprise Bachelorette Party

A Bachelorette party would be really fun and bachelorette parties are organized in all parts of the world these days. Actually bachelorette party is a trend and it has become a part of wedding planning also. There fore here I am trying to give you on how to organize a good bachelorette party for your friend.

A bachelorette party can always be a surprise for your friend if you will be able to keep it as a secret from your friend. First thing you need to pass the message to her best friends who will not spoil the bachelorette party. Then from her friend find all the details about what she likes and what she do not like. In order to make bachelorette party a memorable day to the girl who is going to get married you must make that day hers and keep her in smiles all ways. So this step is really essential when organizing a surprise a bachelorette party. Then make a list of her likes. The theme f the part will change upon her likes.

Then you can think of what to add to the bachelorette party. many girls these days use male strippers in bachelorette parties but I do not think that every girl would love this idea. So you have to make that call whether you go for a male stripper or not and that depend on your friend who is going to get married. Then select good tracks for the bachelorette party. Please do not select boring songs because bachelorette party must be very energetic. So use some fast beat tracks also try to play many tracks which your friend love to hear.

Then select some good drinks to get high and fun. Even couple beer glasses would do for girls. but drugs are not advisory for a bachelorette party. Another thing which you need to focus is the place. If you girls want to have a bachelorette party in a beach that will be good but I don’t think having it in college grounds will not be a great idea. So if you really want to make this bachelorette party a memorable one then you need to find a unique place. But that place should be within reach in one or two hours maximum. And again the girl should like that place. Even a cottage in a forest will be ideal for the bachelorette party if this friend of yours who is going to marry like that type of environment.If it is a sexy party sure you will need to find a private place for that.

In the bachelorette party do some funny games and make your friend special and ask some of your friend to deliver a small speech and that will really make your friend very happy. Do not stop the party till dawn the party should go till morning. Drink as much as you girls can and sing loud as much as you can because it is a bachelorette party and this will be a one time experience for life for that girl.


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