Playing the “I Never” Game at Bachelorette Parties

The I Never game is a staple diet for groups of close friends that want to share some spicy facts about their past lives at a bachelorette party. The main ingredient for a bachelorette party game is beer which along with an inquiring mind will allow you and your friends to have a great time. The nice part about such a bachelorette party game is that you can play it without needing to get drunk. In fact, the I Never game is perfect for those who are looking for an ice-breaker for a bachelorette party game.

The main supplies for this bachelorette party game and which will help to make the I Never bachelorette party game a success is some beer or ten candles for each person. The latter option suits those who wish to play the PG version of the bachelorette party game. The real lushes will of course be seen drinking the most quantities of beer during the bachelorette party game. At the same time, to get the nice ladies in the group to drink you need to make statements that will force them to drink.

For example, you can say something like, “I never got a straight ‘A’ in school” or you can try saying, “I never was part of a cheer leading group”. Such statements are bound to force the good ones in the group to reach for a drink and have a sip.

Everyone that wishes to take part in this bachelorette party game will need to either sit around a table or they can sit in a circle on the floor. The bachelorette party game starts with one person stating something that is true. They need to start by making a statement that begins the words, “I never”. A simple example is to say something like, “I’ve never visited New York”.

If someone else in the group has done that they will need to take a sip of their beer. This kind of bachelorette party game can become a lot more interesting when the statements start to become more and more personal as well as explicit as the game gets underway. To make the most of this bachelorette party game, one must be absolutely honest. The game will only be fun when people make honest statements.

When one or more persons in the group drink to an “I never” statement, there is no need for them to provide any explanation. The drink itself is an affirmation of the statement that has been made. The objective of the bachelorette party game is to be the last person left in the game. After the first person has made a statement, the next person in the circle takes over and makes a statement. Each person has to say something about what they have never done in their lives.

They can say something about what has never been done to them but which they believe or are sure has been done to someone else in the group. The person or persons that get drunk will have to leave the game. The one that still remains in the game at the end will be the winner. A variation of the I Never game is to say the opposite which is to say that the statement should be about something that has been done. However, this is not as interesting and so it pays to stick to the I Never statements.


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