The Ice Breaker Bachelorette Party Game

One of the biggest problems that people come across when trying to throw a really great bachelorette party is how to get things started. There is always that awkward period during the beginning of every party when people are first showing up and some people who don’t know anyone else at the party are a bit shy and to themselves in the corner. For times like these it’s great to have an ice breaker party game on hand!

How the game works is that each guest would stand up and their name along with something they really love and starts with the first letter of their name. For an example, one of your party guests might say “Hello, my name is Jessica and I love jewelry”. After the first person goes, then you circle around the room and continue the process, but the next person will have to remember the name of the person before them and what they liked. The second person would have to say something like “Hello, my name is Melody and I love money. Her name is Jessica and she loves jewelry.”

It sounds really easy in the beginning, but imagine being the person in the middle or at the end who has to say their name and another ten or twenty other people’s names! It can be a very fun game to play while also sharing the names of everyone else at the party.

To get the most out of the game and not have it get too complicated, be sure to tell everyone playing to make their “love” word to be simple and easy to remember. Imagine how crazy and fun this game can get when playing with groups of more than ten people and adding drinks into the mix! Best of all, this is just the ice breaker game… what else will the night hold for you or your friend’s special bachelorette party?


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