What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

Do keep this fact in mind that the US is not a small place, it is the United States what we are talking about and the couples come from all over the US and have different wedding budgets, locations, number of guests, menu, and wedding themes.

There are many factors that contribute to the wedding costs but it is up to the couples whether they want to increase the cost or decrease. It means that if you want to reduce the wedding costs you should plan your wedding in a small and less populated location but if you have a big healthy budget then you can plan your wedding in major cities such as New York.  

Average Wedding Cost by the US States:

As it is mentioned above that one of the major factors that contribute to the wedding cost is the location of the wedding. Below is the list of the states in the US with an estimated average wedding cost, take a look: 

  1. Alabama – $17,200
  2. Arkansas – $21,500
  3. Arizona – $29,500
  4. California – $39,500
  5. Colorado – $30,400
  6. Connecticut – $41,300
  7. Delaware – $35,000
  8. DC – $40,500
  9. Florida – $30,500
  10. Georgia – $31,000
  11. Hawaii – $33,000
  12. Idaho – $20,000
  13. Iowa – $22,500
  14. Illinois – $39,500
  15. Indiana – $22,900
  16. Kentucky – $24,000
  17. Kansas – $22,500
  18. Louisiana – $34,000
  19. Maine – $33,500
  20. Maryland – $33,900
  21. Massachusetts – $43,500
  22. Michigan – $29,600
  23. Minnesota – $28,700
  24. Mississippi – $23,900
  25. Missouri – $26,500
  26. Montana – $23,000
  27. Nebraska – $23,500
  28. Nevada – $22,600
  29. New Hampshire – $32,000
  30. New Jersey – $53,500
  31. New Mexico – $25,500
  32. New York – $48,500
  33. North Carolina – $29,600
  34. North Dakota –  $29,100
  35. Ohio – $29,400
  36. Oklahoma – $21,300
  37. Oregon – $22,500
  38. Pennsylvania – $35,900
  39. Rhode Island – $49,900
  40. South Carolina – $30,600
  41. South Dakota – $29,100
  42. Tennessee – $26,900
  43. Texas – $30,100
  44. Utah – $19,800
  45. Vermont – $38,400
  46. Virginia – $33,300
  47. Washington – $25,500
  48. West Virginia – $26,500
  49. Wisconsin – $27,700
  50. Wyoming – $19,900

Northeast Area vs Southeast Area:

After concluding results from the above-mentioned average wedding costs in the US, we can clearly say that the Northeast areas of the United States are the most expensive locations to plan a wedding except for Hawaii because its average cost is less than other Northeast states comparatively. If you want to plan a wedding with a small budget then you should go for the Southeast areas as these states are the most affordable wedding locations in the whole United States.

Major Components of a Wedding Ceremony:

There are many factors that are combined to make a memorable wedding ceremony but according to the expertise in their research a few components of a wedding cover about more than 80% of its cost. 


The reception venue is no doubt the major component of a wedding ceremony but it is not a single factor as it is a combination of different components such as the bar service, catered food, rent of the venue, and rents of the equipment. Although these are considered as the essential parts of every wedding, the cost of this component directly depends on the number of guests because in most of the wedding the cost is determined according to the “per head/guest/plate” scenario. The average cost for a bar service ranges from $1,500 to $4,500 while the food cost at an average of $50 to $120 per plate.


An engagement ring is the most important part of a wedding and a wedding will be a waste if you don’t make the right choice at this component. As you know that there are plenty of varieties with different colors, shapes, sizes, and cuts. Depending on these factors the price of engagement can be $100 or could also be $1,000,000. It depends on the couple and their budget but it is for sure one of the expensive components of a wedding. 

Decor and Flowers:

The decor is necessary and it costs much as well but if you know the right options with the accurate amount then you will be able to mitigate the cost a bit. First of all, you should ask the venue manager about the decorations they will provide you within the rental package, this will allow you to buy only the decor material needed. Also, get the help of your relatives and friends for decoration purposes to save labor costs. 


The trend of photography has been boosted in recent years. According to our research, a couple pays an average of $2,000 just for photography purposes but this cost can be reduced a bit if you refer a friend or relative of yours to the photographer who has some connections in the wedding industry. 

Reception Band:

Music is considered an essential part of a wedding since ancient times. Over time the instruments have been improvised and now couples usually want to hire a reception band for their wedding. The average cost of hiring a reception band is about $3,000 but if you go for a DJ, the cost will be reduced to an average of just $950. 

Minor Components of a Wedding:

There are some of the most expensive wedding components that are mentioned above. The wedding does include some components that cost a minor part of the wedding budget. The least expensive components of a wedding include:

  • Invitations:
    On average, each invitation costs about $4, and if you go for a fancy invitation that it may go up to $15 on average. 
  • Photo Booth:
    On average, adding this feature to your wedding ceremony will cost you from $230 to $250.
  • Wedding Cake:
    A wedding cake can be one of the most expensive components of a wedding but as we are talking about the average cost, a couple usually spends $3 on their wedding cake. 
  • Officiant:
    The average cost of an officiant will be around $200. 

Annual Spending and Number of Weddings in the USA:

According to research, more than $55 billion is spent on weddings only in the United States of America with an average cost of $33,300 per wedding. According to a wedding tracking report by the CDC, the annual number of weddings in the USA are as follows: 

  • 2015 – 2,221,579
  • 2016 – 2,251,411
  • 2017 – 2,236,496
  • 2018 – 2,132,853

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