10 Super Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

The wedding season has arrived and with it the bachelorette parties! That’s why we want to share with you 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party.

In this article we want to stimulate your imagination to organize a great bachelorette party. Throughout this article we will give you a lot of ideas according to the type of experience and in this way we help you to make your bachelorette party unforgettable!

A bachelorette party on wheels

We offer several options according to your tastes:


One of the funniest ways to discover a city. Have you ever tried it? Don’t worry! It looks difficult like that but no! Laughter guaranteed!


It is undoubtedly the perfect transport for this kind of event. It’s a limousine that travels around the city showing it to you and your friends to the rhythm of the music, a glass of champagne in hand. You can travel around the city in 2 types of limousine: the Lincoln limousine (the typical one) or in the Hummer limousine, more stylish for bachelorette parties, especially the pink models!

Bus party

Have fun with your friends in an original way. It’s a unique concept: a nightclub on the move. They come to pick you up and show you around the city while you enjoy the music of the DJ, who will make you and your friends dance the whole time! 

Another way to discover the city is also to rent a convertible bus for your group, you will be able to put on your own music and take a stroll around the city.


The Beer-Bike originated in Amsterdam (amazing no?), it also became famous there! (You can get a glimpse of the Amsterdam Beer-bike). With a capacity of 16-17 people, you will have to pedal sitting on stools on a U-shaped minibar vehicle, on which a waiter will serve you beer all along the route. It’s like going for a drink, the only thing is that you have to pedal … and the bar moves!

Bachelorette party RELAX!

You and your friends prefer a “girls plan” for the bachelorette party? We give you several trendy ideas!

Spa and relaxing massages

Because there are moments in which you only enjoy by escaping from the stressful everyday life, we suggest you spend a relaxing moment with your friends in a spa, enjoying all kinds of massage, facials, manicure, pedicure and other activities such as hammams, saunas or chocolate coatings. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Nail Party

We propose you a “nail party” to spend a day full of color and fun! You can look for a specialized nail center where there is a space to celebrate this event or you can rent the services of a manicurist. A nice idea would be to prepare a list of cocktails and secretly link them with the colors of the nail polish. Participants will choose the polish color they want without knowing what they are going to drink! Or the opposite! You choose the cocktail and the color of the varnish will be a surprise!

Tea Party

Tea Parties have been fashionable in the USA for a few years now. Remember the party Phoebe organized for Monica in an episode of Friends? A Tea Party is the perfect event to eat cupcakes with friends and taste a wide variety of teas and herbal teas! It doesn’t have to be just tea, you can also replace it with coffee or any kind of juice! And of course as a bachelorette party is a special moment, you are allowed to bend the diet and taste all these wonderful cakes.

Bachelorette parties by boat

Boat Parties

Boat Parties are the evenings of the moment. Usually they take place on a catamaran, with open bar and with other groups who have come to celebrate their bachelor party.

From our point of view, the best boat parties take place in Ibiza (a must!), Barcelona, Valencia, Gandia and Albufeira in the Algarve. Boat parties are always a fun plan of the summer, preferred by the majority and well known by the partygoers!

A sailboat trip

A quieter option also related to the sea is to rent a sailboat for your bachelorette party. Sailboats normally have a maximum capacity of 12 people.

A few beers and your music and you can add a spicy touch by renting the services of a stripteaser on board.

Gourmet bachelorette party

Do you want to enjoy a bachelorette party by working on your palate and showing a little culinary creativity?

Theme restaurants, cocktail or gin-tonic elaboration, wine and beer tasting, tapas routes, cooking workshop… These are just a few of the activity options you can do and that will undoubtedly leave you with a good taste in your mouth!

Bachelorette party with a bang!

Do you love to dance? You master the movement of the wave like no one else? If the answer is yes, this is definitely the best option for your bachelorette party. We recommend you for your wild bachelorette party flamenco, bollywood, burlesque or Sexy Dance ! You’ll have a blast!

Shopping bachelorette party !

We all love shopping! Why don’t you take advantage of your bachelorette party to get to know the city while shopping thanks to a guide that will take you to the best shops.

If you want to add a touch of chic to this shopping outing you can travel by limousine that will take you from one place to another and wait for you at the door! During a bachelorette party you have to use your imagination, get out of clich├ęs and invent a different event like the one these 3 girls have invented to survive a bachelorette party a bit soft …

Here are our 10 proposals for your bachelorette party, but the key is imagination! Imagine whatever you want (with the bride-to-be’s permission of course). You can combine these ideas or modify them as you wish! 

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