Discover the Beauty of Colorful Wedding Dresses 2015

Are you a daring bride who wants to stand out on her big day? Look no further than the trend of colorful wedding dresses for 2015. This vibrant and stylish bridal attire is the perfect way to add a pop of color and personality to your wedding day look. From soft pastels to bold and bright hues, there’s a colorful wedding dress to match every bride’s unique style and taste.

vibrant bridal gowns

With so many exquisite designs and collections available in the US, you’re sure to find your dream colorful wedding dress. Embrace this trend and make a bold statement on your special day!

Key Takeaways:

  • Colorful wedding dresses are a trendy and stylish choice for brides in 2015.
  • From soft pastels to bold and bright hues, there’s a color palette to suit every bride’s taste.
  • Explore the vast variety of vibrant bridal gowns available and find the perfect dress to match your unique style.
  • Choosing the right accessories and décor is essential to complement your colorful wedding dress.
  • Celebrate individuality and make a statement with a colorful wedding dress that truly represents you.

Embrace the Trend: Colorful Wedding Dresses Take Center Stage

The traditional white wedding dress is no longer the only option for brides, as colorful wedding dresses take center stage in 2015. This trend is making a statement as brides embrace non-traditional hues and explore the many stylish possibilities for their big day.

From soft pastels to bold and bright shades, the vibrant and stylish bridal attire that is colorful wedding dresses will make every bride shine. The 2015 wedding dress trends highlight colorful options that are both elegant and chic, showcasing the latest styles that suit every bride’s unique personality and taste.

Whether you prefer a classic silhouette or a more daring cut, the options are endless when it comes to colorful wedding dresses. You can choose from a variety of bridal gown styles, including mermaid, ball gown, A-line, and more. Plus, you can opt for stunning details like lace or beading to add a touch of elegance to your vibrant gown.

So, why not embrace the trend and make your wedding day unforgettable with a colorful wedding dress that reflects your individual style? Whether you choose a romantic blush pink or a daring red, you’re sure to turn heads and create lasting memories.

colorful wedding dress

The Palette of Colors: Exploring the Vast Variety

If you’re looking to make a statement on your special day, colorful wedding dresses 2015 are the perfect way to do so. Whether you want to go for a soft and romantic look or make a bold and daring statement, there’s a hue to suit every style and personality.

Blush pink is a popular choice for those looking for a soft and feminine look. This delicate hue is perfect for spring and summer weddings and pairs beautifully with rose gold accessories. Lavender is another popular choice, offering a twist on the traditional white wedding dress without being too bold. For those who want to make a statement, bold blues and fiery reds are sure to turn heads. These colors exude confidence and are perfect for the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, there are many other hues available for brides who want to explore the range of colorful wedding dresses 2015. From muted greens to sunny yellows, the options are virtually endless.

Colorful bridal gown

When it comes to designs, vibrant bridal gowns come in a range of styles to suit every bride’s taste. From simple and elegant to intricate and detailed, colorful wedding dresses can be tailored to fit any style or theme. Whether you opt for a flowing chiffon gown or a structured satin dress, a pop of color is sure to take your look to the next level.

Colorful bridal fashion is a trend that is here to stay. If you’re looking for a way to infuse your wedding day with personality and flair, a colorful wedding dress might be just what you need.

Couture Collections: Stunning Designs for the Modern Bride

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that combines exquisite design and a pop of color, look no further than the couture collections of 2015. Top designers have embraced the trend of colorful wedding dresses and have created stunning gowns that are sure to turn heads on your special day.

From Vera Wang’s dreamy lavender and pink confections to Monique Lhuillier’s daring blue and red creations, the options for unique wedding gown designs are endless. Luxurious fabrics, intricate lace patterns, and daring embellishments make each gown a work of art that perfectly combines style and elegance with a bold pop of color.

unique wedding gown designs

But it’s not just the established designers who are creating stunning colorful wedding dresses. Emerging designers are also pushing the boundaries of bridal fashion, with collections that showcase their creativity and unique vision.

For the daring and fashion-forward bride, a colorful wedding dress from a couture collection is the perfect choice. You’ll feel like a true work of art and make a bold statement on your wedding day.

Styling Tips: How to Rock a Colorful Wedding Dress

Wearing a colorful wedding dress can be daunting, but with the right styling, you’ll rock your vibrant bridal gown with confidence. Here are some styling tips to help you create a cohesive and trendy wedding day look.

1. Choose the Right Accessories

When it comes to accessories, keep it simple. Your colorful wedding dress should be the focal point, so choose accessories that complement your gown without overpowering it. Opt for delicate jewelry, such as pearl earrings or a simple necklace, and skip the statement pieces. If you’re going for a bold look, add a pop of color with your shoes or clutch.

2. Coordinate Your Bridal Party’s Attire

Coordinating your bridal party’s attire is an essential part of creating a cohesive wedding day look. When choosing bridesmaids’ dresses, consider complementary colors or hues that match your wedding’s color scheme. If your dress is a bold, bright shade, opt for more neutral bridesmaid dresses. Alternatively, if your dress is a soft pastel, add a pop of color with your bridesmaids’ dresses.

3. Keep Hair and Makeup Simple

A colorful wedding dress will make a statement on its own, so keep hair and makeup simple. Opt for a natural makeup look with soft, neutral shades and add a pop of color with a bold lip. When it comes to hair, a loose updo or soft waves will complement your dress without overpowering it.

4. Consider Your Venue and Décor

The venue and décor can also play a role in complementing your colorful wedding dress. If your wedding is in a rustic barn, consider incorporating natural elements like greenery or wooden accents. Alternatively, if you’re having a modern, city wedding, opt for sleek, minimalist décor. Keep in mind that your colorful wedding dress should be the focal point, so choose décor that doesn’t compete with your gown.

With these styling tips, you’ll rock your colorful wedding dress with confidence and create a trendy and cohesive wedding day look.

vibrant bridal gowns

Seeing real brides rock colorful wedding dresses can be the ultimate inspiration for those considering this bold trend. The beauty of choosing a colorful wedding dress lies in the ability to express one’s unique style and personality. One bride who did just that is Julia, who opted for a stunning pastel yellow gown on her wedding day. The vibrant shade perfectly complemented her warm complexion and added a touch of fun and whimsy to the occasion.

colorful wedding dresses 2015

Another bride who successfully embraced the trend is Kate, who wore a vibrant coral wedding dress on her special day. The bold hue made her stand out and exuded confidence and happiness. Seeing these real brides embrace colorful wedding dresses further emphasizes the growing popularity and acceptance of this trend in bridal fashion.

Don’t be afraid to step outside the traditional white wedding dress box and embrace a colorful gown. The possibilities are endless, and the results can be both breathtaking and unforgettable.

Where to Find Your Dream Colorful Wedding Dress

Ready to find the perfect colorful wedding dress for your big day? There are several places where you can shop for trendy and fashion-forward bridal attire. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, there are plenty of options to choose from.

One option is to visit bridal boutiques that specialize in unique and non-traditional wedding gowns. These boutiques often carry a variety of colorful wedding dresses, including bold and bright designs that will make a statement on your wedding day.

If you prefer to shop online, there are several retailers that offer a wide selection of colorful wedding dresses. From popular online retailers like BHLDN and David’s Bridal to smaller online boutiques, there are plenty of options to explore.

Another option is to consider hiring a designer to create a custom colorful wedding dress that is tailored to your specific style and preferences. This option can be more expensive, but it allows you to have a one-of-a-kind gown that is truly unique to you.

Regardless of where you choose to shop for your colorful wedding dress, be sure to try on a variety of styles and colors to find the perfect one for your special day. With so many bold and beautiful options available in 2015, you’re sure to find a dress that makes you feel confident, stylish, and beautiful.

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Choosing the right accessories and décor is essential to complete your colorful wedding dress look. Accessories can add a touch of elegance and personality to your ensemble without taking the spotlight from your gown. To create a cohesive and stylish wedding day aesthetic, consider the following tips:

  • Keep it simple: When choosing accessories, less is often more. Opt for minimalistic jewelry or statement pieces that won’t overpower your dress.
  • Choose complementary colors: If you have a bold and bright wedding dress, consider accessorizing with colors that complement rather than match your gown. For example, if you have a blue wedding dress, try accessorizing with gold jewelry or white flowers.
  • Add a pop of color: If your dress is more subdued, adding a pop of color with your accessories can make a stylish statement. Consider bold statement earrings, a colorful clutch, or a vibrant pair of shoes.

In addition to accessories, your wedding décor can also tie in with your colorful wedding dress. Consider incorporating colors from your gown into your wedding flowers, table settings, and venue decorations. This can create a cohesive and memorable wedding day aesthetic.

Remember, the key to complementing your colorful wedding dress is to ensure that your accessories and décor don’t overpower it. Keep it simple, choose complementary colors, and add a pop of color to create a look that’s vibrant and stylish.

Stylish wedding accessories

The trend of colorful wedding dresses in 2015 celebrates diversity in bridal fashion and allows brides to express their unique style. With non-traditional hues and fashion-forward designs, colorful wedding dresses have become a symbol of individuality and creativity.

By choosing a colorful wedding dress, brides can break free from the constraints of tradition and embrace their personal style. From bold and bright shades to romantic pastels, there’s a colorful wedding dress to match every bride’s personality and preferences.

Make a Statement

A colorful wedding dress is a bold statement that reflects the bride’s confidence and willingness to stand out. By choosing a unique wedding gown design and color, brides can showcase their fashion-forward sense of style and create a lasting impression on their guests.

Whether it’s a vibrant red ball gown or a soft pink lace dress, a colorful wedding dress is a way to express individuality and celebrate diversity in bridal fashion.

Your Wedding, Your Way

Choosing a colorful wedding dress is a way to personalize your wedding day and make it truly your own. By embracing non-traditional hues and designs, brides can step outside of the box and create a wedding day that reflects their style and personality.

Whether it’s a bohemian-inspired outdoor ceremony or a glamorous city wedding, a colorful wedding dress can complement any wedding theme and enhance the overall aesthetic of the day.

Find Your Perfect Match

With so many stunning and unique wedding gown designs available, finding the perfect colorful wedding dress has never been easier. From designer collections to online boutiques, there are countless options to choose from.

When selecting a colorful wedding dress, consider your personal style, wedding theme, and venue. Whether you opt for a bold and bright shade or a soft and subtle pastel, your colorful wedding dress should complement your overall bridal look and enhance your natural beauty.

So why not break free from tradition and embrace the trend of colorful wedding dresses in 2015? With fashion-forward designs and endless color options, the possibilities are truly endless.


Q: What are colorful wedding dresses?

A: Colorful wedding dresses are non-traditional gowns that come in a variety of hues, other than white. They allow brides to make a bold and unique fashion statement on their special day.

Q: Why choose a colorful wedding dress?

A: Choosing a colorful wedding dress allows you to showcase your personal style and add a pop of color to your wedding day. It’s a way to stand out and create a memorable, fashion-forward look.

Q: Are colorful wedding dresses suitable for all body types?

A: Yes, absolutely! Colorful wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and silhouettes that can flatter any body type. There are options for every bride to feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day.

Q: Where can I find colorful wedding dresses?

A: You can find colorful wedding dresses at bridal boutiques, online retailers, and even through custom designers. It’s best to explore various options and try on different styles to find the perfect dress for you.

Q: Can I still incorporate traditional elements into a colorful wedding dress?

A: Absolutely! Many colorful wedding dresses still incorporate traditional elements, such as lace, beading, and elegant silhouettes. It’s all about finding a dress that combines your personal style with classic bridal elements.

Q: How do I style a colorful wedding dress?

A: When styling a colorful wedding dress, it’s important to choose accessories and décor that complement the dress without overpowering it. Opt for understated accessories and coordinate with your bridal party to create a cohesive look.

Q: Are colorful wedding dresses more expensive than traditional white gowns?

A: The price of a colorful wedding dress can vary depending on the designer, fabric, and intricacy of the design. However, they are generally priced similarly to traditional white gowns. It’s best to set a budget and explore different options within that range.

Q: Can I wear a colorful wedding dress for a more casual wedding?

A: Absolutely! Colorful wedding dresses can be worn for both formal and casual weddings. It’s all about finding a dress that matches the overall vibe and theme of your wedding day.

Q: How do I choose the right color for my wedding dress?

A: When choosing the right color for your wedding dress, consider your skin tone, hair color, and personal preferences. Try on different colors to see which ones complement your features and make you feel the most confident.

Q: Can I wear a colorful wedding dress if I’m having a traditional ceremony?

A: Yes, you can! It’s your wedding day, and you should wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and happy. If you love the idea of a colorful wedding dress but still want a traditional ceremony, opt for a more subtle color or incorporate colored accents into a white gown.

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