Fun Card Games for Bachelorette Parties

Chapter 3: Card Games

Introduction: Does your bride-friend love a good dare? Are you looking for a party game that will get every guest involved? Do you enjoy the excitement of an unknown challenge?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then playing a card game during the bachelorette party may be a great option for you and your guests. Playing card games are not only economical, but they are fun and spirited. Best of all, they will take up a good chunk of your party, if you are looking for a time filler, and they are very economical. You can purchase a set of bachelorette party card games for an economical price of about $5 per deck — or you can make your own card game modeled after the standard bachelorette party card games.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular games you can either buy or make:

Dare to Do It Card Game

The “Dare to Do It” card game is one that offers each player a challenging dare that she must complete or she will lose points. In the end, the player with the most points. This game must be played in a public space, or it will not work. Therefore, you have the best chances of having the most fun if you incorporate this fun card game into bachelorette festivities at a restaurant, a bar, or a dance club. 

Some of the dares you will read about on the “Dare to Do It” cards are the following:

  • Swap your clothing or a clothing item with a man
  • Drink from a stranger’s bar glass.
  • Kiss a stranger on the cheek
  • Do a shot with a stranger
  • Dance like a chicken in front of a group of handsome men

You also can make your own cards and write dares that are specific to your bride-friend and all the maids. Here are a few examples:

  • Sing a Katy Perry song at the top of your lungs in the middle of the bar.
  • Ask for a stranger’s number.
  • Dance in the middle of the sidewalk.
  • Do a cartwheel on the sidewalk.
  • Stand on a chair in the middle of a bar and shout “I Love Fill-in-the-Blank!”
  • Sing “Going to the Chapel” at the top of your lungs in a public place.
  • Buy a round of bridal-themed drinks for a group of guys at the bar.

Be creative as you craft your own dares for handmade cards. Think about the activities that would be fun for the bride to do but that would not overly embarrass her or scandalize her. You are supposed to make the bride and the maids feel good about themselves and not to be sad or stressed out during the bachelorette party

The Bachelorette Trivia Game

Another fun and spirited card game for your next bachelorette party is the “The Bachelorette Trivia Game.” Like the “Dare to Do It” card game, this game is easy enough to make and economical to buy if you don’t want to make it yourself. The benefits of making this game is that you can tweak the questions to test all the maids’ knowledge of the bride. You can mix these bride-specific questions with questions testing their general sexual knowledge.

Here are a few examples of creative questions that you may either see on a trivia card game that you purchase or that you may write on your own handmade cards:

1) At what age did, ______________ have her first kiss?

A. 13 

B. 15

C. 20

D. Never been kissed

2) If ____________’s life was the name of a romantic comedy, what would the title be:

A. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

B. Wedding Crashers

C. Midnight in Paris

D. You’ve Got Mail

3) What is the longest erection ever recorded, in inches?

A. 10 inches

B. 15 inches

C. 9 inches

D. 5 inches

4) How many women have an orgasm during sex?

A. 75 percent

B. 30 percent

C. 5 percent

D. 15 percent 

5) If __________ could go on a date with any celebrity, who would that be?

A. Tom Cruise

B. Brad Pitt

C. Johnny Depp

D. Her man only

This trivia card game becomes even more fun when you quiz strangers at a bar or in a public place! This addition makes the card game both a dare and a trivia game. Use your creativity and have fun with this game!

Drink Master Says

The “Drink Master Says” card game is fun game that you can play with the bride and all the maids either at home with a stocked bar or out on the town. 

The “Drink Master Says” cards offer players specific drinking challenges such as drinking without hands, balancing a tray of plastic margarita glasses on your head, singing a song while drinking a trio of shots, leading a bar full of people in a toast to the bride, singing a song while biting a lime, and many other challenges. You can make up your own challenges for these cards or you can purchase a pack from an online bachelorette game vendor. 

The “Drink Master Says” card game is an ideal one for a bride who enjoys drinking and who is very outgoing. It also is a great game if the maids also are outgoing and enjoy dares. Keep in mind that this is not the game for a bride is drinks occasionally or socially. This game can get out of control quickly if you do not balance the intake of alcohol with non-alcoholic challenges. This is why making the card game is an ideal way to go because you can tweak the game to fit the specific limits and likes of the bride especially as well as all the maids. 

Willy Says

Do you remember the childhood game “Simon Says?” The “Willy Says” card game is designed along the same lines as the traditional “Simon Says” game. However, there are several differences. If you purchase the “Willy Says” card game, then you likely will notice the cards are shaped like a man’s genitalia, which only adds to the fun.

The cards offer specific challenges tweaked to bachelorette party fun.

Willy says things such as the following:

  • Dance with a man with blonde hair.
  • Ask a guy to write his number on your leg.
  • Dance in the middle of a bar.
  • Blow a kiss to a guy in a bar.
  • And many other things!

The benefit of making your own “Willy Says” game is that you can make the cards any size you want, and you can craft creative dares that are written specifically for the bride. Have fun with this game, and take it to a public place to play so that you can execute most of the dares.

I’ve Never

“I’ve Never” is a card game designed for a bride and her maids to play in a bar. It is a daring and an (at times) outrageous card game that fits the personality of a bride who is very outgoing and who enjoys the bar scene. It also is designed for a group of maids and a bride who knows how to handle their alcohol. Do not spring this game on a bride or a group of maids who drink minimally and are not used to downing several drinks in a night. 

Here is how the game works:

Each player takes a turn saying something that she has never done. For example, she might say: “I’ve never had sex in a car.” If the other players have had sex in a car, then they must drink. The goal of the game is simply to laugh and to have fun. This card game is certain to do that for all the players who participate. 

You can either buy a set of cards or craft your own cards. Here are a few examples of dares you might see in a purchased set or that you can use to make your own:

  • I’ve never dated a jerk.
  • I’ve never had instant messaging sex.
  • I’ve never kissed a total stranger.
  • I’ve never had a one-night stand.
  • I’ve never had a threesome.

This game is ideal for playing in any location, whether at the bachelorette party at someone’s house or at a bar. Enjoy laughing and finding everything you didn’t know about your bride-friend’s and your maids’ love life.

Picture It

The “Picture It” board game is similar to the popular game Pictionary. The difference is that the game incorporates themes that are specific to getting married. The object of the game is for one player to draw clues on sheets of paper. The other players guess the clues by looking at the drawn images. The goal is to guess the key word that all the clues are leading toward. Every key word that players guess correctly is worth one point, and the team to reach 15 points first wins. Each “Picture It” game includes 75 cards with key words connected to a bridal theme.

Miss Bachelorette’s Charades

The “Miss Bachelorette’s Charades” game is a classic charades game infused with wedding and bridal key words. This makes it a great game for either a private bachelorette party in a house or out in a public place. You can tweak the setting based upon how bold your bride-friend is feeling. The object of the game is for each player to pick one of the 70 key word cards and then to act out that key word. All of the key words are related to marriage. 

Bachelorette Party Citations

If you and your bridal party are headed out for a night on the town for the bachelorette party, then bring along “Bachelorette Party Citations.” These violation cards are blank and give you the authority to fine people you meet for certain “crimes.” Each person whom you fine will have to pay a penalty. You might ask them for $1 or to buy you a drink. You can come up with additional “fines.”

Here are a few examples of the fines you might cite while you are in the bar:

  • Using bad pick-up lines.
  • Possessing delectable lips.
  • Hitting on a bachelorette without being granted permission
  • Unlawfully good looks

Have fun with your bridal party running around the bar, meeting bachelors, and citing them for hilarious violations. You will get lots of laughs out of this game, which will last for hours and maximize your drinking fun all night!

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