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10 Fun Game Ideas for Your Next Bachelorette Party

During a bachelorette party, games are a must. Are you out of inspiration? Our ideas to make the bride and your guests have a memorable time! 

Whether you’re having a bachelorette party with the bride-to-be, traveling abroad or at a spa, games are a must when you’re among girls. Above all, think about what your friend likes to say “Yes”: not everyone has the same tastes, and the important thing is that you have a good time!

Here are 10 fun and original game ideas for a bachelorette party with your girlfriends!

1 – A quiz about the bride

The bride-to-be can help you prepare this game. On your own or with her, prepare questions about her that the guests will have to answer. Count the points: at the end, the winner gets a small gift, and the loser gets a token (for example: inviting the bride to a restaurant). Another version of this quiz, which can be just as fun, is to have the main contestant compete with her friends. It becomes a game of speed!

2 – Back to childhood

With the help of the bride’s parents, siblings, or friends, collect photos that date back to her childhood and youth. It’s up to her and the guests to find out how old the pictures are, to recreate a chronological frieze. If she’s self-deriding, take a few slightly embarrassing pictures (for example, her first makeup in middle school) to share funny anecdotes.

3 – The bag game

Ask guests to come with a picture, text or object that reminds them of a memory with the bride-to-be. Place them all in a large bag where you can’t see the inside, and she will have to pick them out one by one. Then it’s up to her to find out who brought that souvenir, and to tell the anecdote that goes with it!

4 – The blind test

The musical quiz is a must to put a good atmosphere in the bachelorette parties. Prepare a list of her favorite songs, and guests will have to find the title and performer as quickly as possible! To make it even more fun, prepare several themes: love songs, nostalgia sequence with the titles you listened to during your youth, the playlist of shame with all the unmentionable titles the bride-to-be loves…

5 – Ask For Help

Before the evening, don’t hesitate to ask for the help of the groom-to-be, who will be your accomplice. Ask him to answer a few questions, such as the date of their first date, what he prefers at his fiancĂ©e’s house, his favorite movie… During your bachelorette party, the bride-to-be will have to find the right answers. Every time she makes a mistake, give her a token or a small gift when she answers correctly.

6 – Who is who?

Ask guests to bring a picture of them as babies. Then have fun finding out who’s behind each picture of a child. A variation of this game can be fun if all the guests are in a relationship: you have to bring a photo of yourself, but also of your companion, and then find the couples!

7 – The making of the ideal man

Prepare a stack of old magazines and catalogs. Armed with scissors, white paper and a tube of glue, each guest should cut out parts of the models or celebrities pictured inside to create their ideal man. Laughter guaranteed!

8 – The treasure hunt

Prepare clues for the bride-to-be to find a treasure. If you’re doing a bachelorette party in your hometown, you may want to take her to places that made an impression on her, or reunite her with old friends. At the end, she will find the famous treasure: a box that you and the guests will have filled with small gifts (photos, souvenirs, small candies, lucky charms for the D-day, wishes for her life as a couple…).

9 – The cocktail contest

For this game, prepare classic ingredients to make cocktails: alcohol, fruit juice, soda, citrus fruits… But also more unusual elements, such as tabasco, whipped cream or vegetables, and write their names on small papers that you will put in a container. Each one will have to prepare a drink with classic elements, and one that is out of the ordinary, drawn at random. At the end, taste the mixtures and vote for the one that will be the most successful! As a token for the loser, you can force him to drink his preparation. Be careful, don’t forget to take into account that some guests may not drink alcohol.

10 – The bride, head of hair

For this game, the guests will have to make up (and why not dress and style) the bride-to-be. You can turn her into a femme fatale, but you can also have fun making her silver eyebrows and green lips! To decide who does what, you have several options. Either you write down each part of the face to be made up on papers and draw lots, or you keep track of the points of the other games made during the evening, and the one who has the most starts the game. Success guaranteed on the pictures and if you go to a club afterwards!

If you are looking for even more fun ideas on how to throw the best party ever, be sure to visit the main page of our site at https://bacheloretteblog.org.

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