Fun Games for Bachelorette Parties

Chapter 4: Low-Key Games

There are a wide range of board games made for bachelorette parties. You can purchase these from online manufacturers specializing in bachelorette party supplies. Board games are a great selection for a relaxed bachelorette parties that you are planning in your home. You can gather the maids and your bride-friend around the board game in the living room or kitchen and laugh into the wee hours of the morning. 

Sex Drive Board Game

The “Sex Drive” board game is fun game that you can order from an online bachelorette party supplier. The game tests players’ knowledge about sex by requiring them to collect “certificates” proving that they have mastered eight key categories. Those categories include sexual myths, sexual practices, women’s health, men’s health, and others. In addition, players will have to show and tell how they know this specific information. For example, when players land on a spot on the game board called the “Body Shop,” they will have to draw, act out, or sculpt with craft clay the answer to the question. You can play the “Sex Drive” board game with as few as two players and as many as six. 

What The F*ck 

What The F*ck?” is a drinking game for a bachelorette party that is entertaining, funny, and is designed to be played in the comfort of your own home. The game contains cards listing scenarios that you have to answer from a series of multiple choice answers. Here is an example:

“You have been arrested and are in jail. The warden lets you choose your cellmate. Whom do you choose?”

A. A gang member who cross dresses

B. An bank robber who also is an arsonist.

The object of the game is for one player to be asked the question and the rest of the players to guess her answer. If you get the answer wrong, then you say “What the F*ck?” and drink together as a sign of comradery. Keep in mind that you do not have to play this game just like this. You can tweak the rules a little here and there. 

Chapter 5: Athletic Games

Sometimes you have a bride-friend who prefers athletic games. You can design her bachelorette party with several games that can be played indoors or outdoors and that are designed for players with some hand-eye coordination. From ring tosses to pinatas, there is an athletic game for your bride-friend that brings out the laughter and challenges the entire bridal party.

The Penis Pinanta

Yes, that’s right. You can order a customized pinanta in the shape of male genitalia from an online vendor. If you are very crafty and adventurous, then you can make your own out of long, narrow balloons, newspaper, and a paper mache mix. Hang the pinata in an area where it will be safe to thrash it, blindfold each guest, spin each guest around, and give her a chance to break open the pinata for bachelorette-themed candies and sweets.

The Penis Ring Toss

Order a ring toss game in the shape of a penis. These games come in a wide range of styles, including penises that light up or that are inflatable. They also come with a set of rings. You can set up the penis ring toss in your living room and then give each guest a chance to toss the rings around the penis. The player who gets the most rings around the penis wins a prize. 

The Penis Ball Toss

The “Penis Ball Toss” essentially is a basketball game made for indoor use. You can order one of these games from an online vendor and attach it to your wall. The game features a large penis on the backboard and two nets. Your guests take turns shooting balls into the nets, and the guest with the most balls in the net wins!

The Penis Paddle Toss Game

The “Penis Paddle Toss Game” is a game that two people can play. If you order more than one set, then you can involved the entire bachelorette party. Each person places a felt paddle around her hand. Then, one player throws a plush penis doll to another player, who then will catch the penis doll on her paddle that features a Velcro strip. 

If you have a bride-friend who loves athletic events, then consider setting up a series of games including the penis ring toss, the penis ball toss, the penis paddle toss, and the penis pinata at different stations around your house. This is great way to have fun and to incorporate activities that require a little energy and athleticism. Have fun!

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