How to Start a Bachelorette Blog

Blog content creation is one of the most popular inbound marketing strategies of 60% of marketers. Many bloggers monetize their blogs through ads, affiliate marketing, and product promotions. And if you’re just looking to record your life’s adventures, blogging is a perfect way to do it.

How to Launch Your First WordPress Blog Today

Are you getting ready to start a WordPress blog to describe yourself or share your journey? Do you want to be able to develop yourself in a niche as a knowledgeable authority? You may wish to create popularity by creating content that others may connect to or relate to online.

If you are going to start your blog very first time, it could be difficult for you. For the first time, everything might be difficult. You might wonder about what to write, how to write, and how to share. Will your content grab users’ attention or not? Will you go to rank on Google or not. There are so many questions that come in your mind as you will sit in a vast sea of blogs.

You are going to start a WordPress website, and then you are ready to start. WordPress makes getting your blog off the ground a pretty straightforward process and offers. There are a lot of helpful resources to support you all along the way. 

With little efforts and hard work, you can build your very first blog and start writing content in no time.

In this post, we’re going through the process of launching your first WordPress blog in easy steps. Let’s start with the basics!

# 1 – Choose Your Blog Topic/Niche  

Create and run a successful blog. To start from scratch, your very first thing to do is choose a topic or niche for your website. For example, I Like to write about Digital Marketing; then, my favor will go for that. In your case, it can be anything you do like.

That very many popular blogs are focusing on one topic. Whether it’s food, travel, health, fashion, or business, next, make sure you choose the niche you’re most interested in. The one you’re knowledgeable and passionate.

#2 – Find the Free or Paid Blog Platform

If you are a newbie, then you can start blogging from free platforms like or 

But if you are planning to start blogging as a carrier and want to make some handsome amount. Then the free platform is not for you. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of a free blogging service. But you won’t have any control over your blog.

The alternative is to host your blog on your own.

#3 – Picking a CMS

How experienced are you about creating a web site?

What blogging goals do you have to meet with your content management system?

Are you sure your blogging platform is going to allow for monetization?

WordPress is the most popular CMS. The best thing is that there are a lot of helping materials on the internet. You can search Google for any issue. If you ever need help with a problem or question, a quick Google search will help you solve the problem. If it’s a topic that requires more experienced users, you can always ask people in your community.

WordPress is a standard option instead of hiring web developers. It’s not surprising why people choose WordPress, either. Simple to install and simple to use. 

#4 – Choosing Domain Name and Hosting

The domain name is the internet address of the blog site. No matter which niche you choose, your domain name is the only thing people see on the internet. 

 Your domain can be yours as long as you’re willing to pay an annual fee of approximately $12 to $20 a year for domain.

Buying a Hosting Service

It’s a smart idea to use WordPress as your blogging site because that’s a forum for self-hosting. Think of hosting as that of the place mostly on the web where you store everything in your blog. That ensures that saves all your content.

#5 – Pick a theme for the blog

Without the need for coding skills or design experience, a theme enables you to select a template for your blog. A theme makes the interface work a million times simpler if you’re not a coder.

You may opt to take your time redesigning and developing the theme. By personalizing it to your taste, make your dream come true. Try not to add too much to slow down the loading time of the blog site.

#6 – Add Essential Plugins

Would you like to add any more features to your blog site on WordPress? Anyone planning to blog with WordPress may be able to install thousands of open-source plugins. 

#7 – Create Compelling Content

This is where all the exciting work of writing usually starts. Your main pages are the first content you need to think about. These are your Contact Page, About Page, and the like.

Develop content that is not going to make these pages dull. They could be just basic pages, but they are also essential. Make them as attractive as your blog posts want you to be.

You should begin writing your first blog post when you’ve finished the main pages. Sometimes it’s about everything and everything. Don’t worry about adding pictures or links to your blogs.

As a blogger, all of the available types of content and the ways you could even deliver it to your readers could confuse you. You must note that the distribution of content is less relevant than the specific meaning and its consistency.

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