How to Throw a Great Bachelorette Party

So You are Throwing a Bachelorette Party

Are you a bridesmaid preparing for an upcoming wedding? Have you gushed over the bride, settled on a dress, and bought your complementary shoes and various accessories? Once you have all of the details worked out for your maids’ outfit, then it is finally time to have a little fun. Bridesmaids are responsible for throwing the bride whom they love a bachelorette party — and that is why I’ve written this book.

The Best Bachelorette Party Games Book takes all of the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party that is fun, honors the bride, and fits her personality. With dozens of unique, spirited games described in detail throughout the Best Bachelorette Party Games Book, there are a handful of games that will match the bride’s personal taste in party games. Not every game is appealing to every bride, and that is why I have given you so many choices. Flip through this book, read the descriptions, and take note of the games that you think your bride-friend might like. Run your selection by the other maids to make sure you are on the right track. Once you have a list of the night’s game entertainment settled upon, the rest of the details are fairly easy.

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind as you are planning a bachelorette party that your bride-friend will appreciate and will not forget for years to come!

Select a Theme

The theme for the bachelorette party you will be hosting is going to be very easy: The Bride! However, you can tweak the theme to reflect your bride-friend’s favorite colors and to incorporate specific elements that the bride likes, such as her favorite actor. You can name drinks and food after some of her favorite things to better tie in the theme. Simply fold an index card in half and write the name of the cocktail or party food in script handwriting. Then, place the card in front of the drinks or the platters on the reception table at the bachelorette party. Here is an example:

Let’s say your bride-friend has a major crush on Tom Cruise (even after all these years), and she loves purple. You can incorporate both of these elements into one theme for the bachelorette party. Buy some purple paper from your local craft store, glue it to index cards, and trim away the excess paper. Fold the purple cards in half, and write creative names for food and drinks on the cards such as “Footloose Fizz,” “Crusin’ Cocktails,” “Top Gun Tostadas,” and “You Can’t Handle the Truth Long Island Iced Tea.” This list can go on and on, and with a little brainstorming, you can come up with a handful of creative names that incorporate your bride-friend’s favorite things. Be creative!

Set a Budget

One of the big mistakes many bachelorettes make as they plan a party is to let the budget slide. Do not do that! A bachelorette party should have a budget, and you will need to ask every bachelorette to agree to certain monetary contribution to make sure one person is not left with the brunt of the expenses. It’s very important to have good communication with all the bridesmaids so that each woman knows what is expected of her. By incorporating free entertainment through playing great bachelorette party games, you will save a ton of money and have great fun. So save your money for little splurges for the bride — such as the party food; party drinks; or accessories for the bride to wear during the party, such as a tiara.

Gather the Supplies

Because you are going to be incorporating free (or mostly free) bachelorette party games into the entertainment slot for your party, you can focus your attention on small details to pull off your bride-friend’s party without a hitch.

Working within your budget, purchase a few small supplies such as balloons; crepe paper; confetti; tablecloths; themed-plates and cups; plastic cutlery; and accessories for the bride to wear, such as t-shirt, sash, tiara, and veil. 

Set Up the Games

Once you have all of the materials, then you are ready to run through the programming for the bachelorette party. This is where the Best Bachelorette Party Games Book really comes in hand! This book gives you step-by-step instructions for setting up a wide range of bachelorette party games and executing them among party-goers. You will need to buy minimal supplies, depending on the games you select. It is good idea to run through how you explain the games with a few friends or some of the other maids before the party to make sure your delivery is clear and flows smoothly. 

Have Fun

The bottom line at any bachelorette party is to have fun! The Best Bachelorette Party Games Book can get you there! With dozens of games designed specifically for bachelorette parties, this book will deliver on its promise of fun, giggles, and full=out laughter throughout the night. Bachelorette parties have the potential to be complete flops because of the entertainment factor. But with spirited games that challenge and uplift the bride — all the while celebrating her last night as a single woman — your bride-friend and the entourage of maids will experience fun all night long!

Finally, the games in the Best Bachelorette Party Games Book provide a safe yet amusing and fun alternative to typical drunken bachelorette parties. After all, you, the bride, and the rest of the maids have to look your best for the wedding the next morning. Make sure that happens by filling your party with fun, entertaining games from the Best Bachelorette Party Games Book!

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