How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

According to the latest federal data, the 2020 marriage rate in the U.S. was about 5.1 per 1,000 people. That’s considerably lower than the previous years. Still, that translates to over 1.67 million marriages in 2020 alone.

So if you’re thinking of joining the married crowd yourself, congratulations. The next step you now have to take is preparing the perfect engagement ring for the big day.

But with so many new ring styles and options, how do you pick the best one?

This guide will teach you how to purchase a ring for your engagement, so read on.

Understand the 4 Cs

The 4 Cs of diamonds stand for cut, color, carat, and clarity. Together, they dictate the stones’ overall quality. So when you buy a ring with a diamond, consider these vital characteristics.

A diamond’s cut influences its sparkle and fire. For engagement rings, the most popular cut is the round brilliant. They work with most styles and sparkle the most due to their light performance.

A diamond’s color has more to do with its clarity. The clearer the stone, the more expensive it is.

As for carat, this refers to a diamond’s physical weight. Therefore, the larger its size, the heavier it is, and the more it costs.

Mind the Metal

Before you buy a ring (any ring, for that matter), keep metal allergies in mind. Nickel is among the most common allergens; an estimated 18% of people in North America are allergic to it.

The thing is, nickel is a common metal used in gold jewelry, such as white gold. So if you or your future spouse has a nickel allergy, stick to a yellow gold ring band with a carat of no less than 18.

You can also get a custom engagement ring in platinum, which is about 30 times rarer than gold. It’s a brilliant white metal that’s more hypoallergenic. However, its rarity also means it’s more expensive.

Get the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

Many Americans spend $2,000 to nearly $6,000 on engagement rings. With that kind of money on the line, you want to ensure your ring’s fit is snug yet comfortable. If it’s too tight, it can cut off your circulation, but if it’s too loose, you risk losing it (and thousands of dollars).

The best way to size an engagement ring is to ask for help from a jeweler using their ring sizers. If you’re buying for your future spouse and want to keep it a secret, you can get the size of one of their existing rings. Trace its inner circle on a sheet of paper and use this as your guide.

Shop for the Best Engagement Ring Today

The perfect engagement ring will be one of your life’s priciest purchases, so shop smartly. Consider which of the 4 Cs is most crucial to you, but just as vital is the metal; you don’t want it to cause allergies. Finally, ensure you get the right size, as you need the ring to have a snug yet ultra-comfy fit.

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