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Nestled in Italy’s heart, Tuscany is famous for its beautiful landscapes and deep culture. It’s the dream setting for a love-filled wedding. Tuscany’s wedding spots have all you need for a storybook party. In exploring five top resorts, you’ll find the perfect place for your special day. Each one captures Tuscany’s essence, promising a memorable time.

Key Takeaways

  • Tuscany’s landscapes and cultural heritage make it a perfect wedding venue.
  • Five exclusive resorts offer luxury amenities and stunning views.
  • Find your ideal match for a fairytale celebration.
  • Expect personalized and unforgettable experiences at each venue.
  • Best tuscany wedding venues crafted to suit unique love stories.
  • Scenic views contribute to dreamy, picturesque wedding venues in Tuscany.

Castiglion del Bosco: A Symphony of Elegance and Nature

Discovering the rustic tuscany wedding venues at Castiglion del Bosco is magical. It is where luxury meets the calmness of Valdorcia’s hills.

Location & Ambiance

In Tuscany’s heart, Castiglion del Bosco showcases classic Italian beauty. Its views are unmatched among the top tuscany wedding locations.

Accommodations & Intimate Villas

The estate boasts luxurious villas known for their charm and exclusivity. These villas offer warmth and hospitality, making this site a top choice for luxury wedding venues tuscany.

Chapel Wedding

The estate’s historic chapel offers a sacred place for vows. It’s a highlight among rustic tuscany wedding venues.

Golf and Terrific Views

Golf lovers will enjoy the well-kept course here. The amazing Tuscan views add a unique charm, blending fun with beauty.

Serene Pool Retreat

The calm pool area is perfect for relaxation or gatherings. It’s a luxurious spot for unwinding at one of the top tuscany wedding locations.

Luxurious VillasCharming and intimate accommodations
Historic ChapelSacred space for a traditional wedding
Golf CourseEnjoy a scenic round of golf
Serene PoolA perfect retreat for guests to relax

Villa Mangiacane: Where Tuscan Charm Meets Timeless Elegance

Villa Mangiacane is a short distance from Florence. It combines Tuscan beauty with contemporary elegance. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, it’s a perfect wedding venue. It mixes nature’s beauty with luxury.

exclusive tuscany wedding venues

Location & Ambiance

Envision exchanging vows in the stunning setting of Tuscany. Villa Mangiacane is a top spot with a breathtaking view for weddings. Its atmosphere has a mix of history and modern style. This creates an elegance that draws everyone in.

Amenities & Features

Villa Mangiacane is known for its luxury amenities. It boasts grand courtyards and fresco-adorned spaces for events. The villa combines lavishness with nature for perfect celebrations.

Unique Venue Attributes

Villa Mangiacane is special for its scenery and amenities. It offers many beautiful spots for wedding photos. Whether in the gardens or by indoor murals, it all adds to the charm.

Surrounding Village & Views

The villa is near an ancient village, offering a dive into Tuscany’s culture. The views from Villa Mangiacane are magical. Its prime location makes it a top choice for weddings worldwide.

From its historic courtyards to olive groves and vineyards, Villa Mangiacane is truly Tuscan. Each wedding here proves its dream-making prowess. It guarantees an extraordinary celebration for everyone involved.

Exclusive Tuscan Wedding Venues

Tuscany is home to some exclusive wedding venues. You’ll find everything from historic castles to modern boutique hotels here. Every location promises privacy, luxury, and stunning views.

Each place brings its own special charm, making every wedding unforgettable. Whether you want a large event or a small gathering, these luxury wedding venues in Tuscany are perfect. They offer both beauty and sophistication.

For those on a budget, there are affordable Tuscany wedding venues too. These spots offer luxury without the huge expense. They provide top Tuscany wedding locations that turn your big day into a cherished memory.

All these venues are designed to give you a flawless wedding celebration. From antique castles to sleek hotels, you’ll get nothing but the best in Tuscany.

Here’s a look at some of the top venue choices:

VenueStyleAmenitiesPrice Range
Castello di VincigliataHistorical CastleGardens, Historic InteriorsPremium
Borgo StomennanoRenaissance VillaVineyards, Scenic ViewsModerate
Conti di San BonifacioBoutique HotelSwimming Pool, Wine CellarAffordable

Castello di Velona: Hilltop Elegance with Panoramic Splendor

Castello di Velona stands with pride on a Tuscan hill. It showcases both grandeur and timeless charm from Italy. This picturesque wedding venue in Tuscany combines ancient allure and modern luxury, perfect for unforgettable celebrations.

picturesque wedding venues tuscany

Location & Ambiance

Perched on a hilltop, Castello di Velona overlooks the Tuscan landscape. It’s among the best Tuscany wedding venues. The castle’s historical vibe and stunning views ensure an enchanting atmosphere for your big day.

Amenities & Features

The venue offers luxurious rooms that ensure royal comfort. This, coupled with scenic pools and local wines, promises an extraordinary celebration. It’s a blend of delicious flavors and luxurious relaxation.

Unique Venue Attributes

Near a historical abbey, this venue is sacred and picturesque. It offers diverse landscapes for breathtaking wedding photos. These features create timeless memories, marrying old-world charm with modern luxury.

Castello di Velona is indeed among the finest venues in Tuscany. It guarantees a memorable and enchanting wedding.

LocationHilltop with panoramic views
AmbianceHistoric charm with modern luxury
AmenitiesOpulent rooms, scenic pools, local wine
Unique AttributesProximity to historical abbey, diverse landscapes

Luxury Wedding Venues Tuscany Has to Offer

The best Tuscany wedding venues mix luxury with charm perfectly. They promise an opulent experience along with serene beauty. These places turn your big day into something fit for royalty.

Imagine saying “I do” by infinity pools with views of Chianti hills. Or enjoy top-notch services at spas in famous wineries. These venues stand out for their class, making unforgettable memories. They’re not just elegant; they make weddings feel like fairy tales.

luxury wedding venues tuscany

Venue NameUnique FeaturesLocation
Belmond Castello di CasoleHistoric castle, infinity pool, vineyard viewsSiena, Tuscany
Il BorroMedieval village, organic cuisine, luxury suitesArezzo, Tuscany
Villa CetinaleStunning baroque garden, pastoral scenery, restored architectureSovicille, Tuscany
Borgo Santo PietroMichelin-starred dining, private villas, fragrant gardensChiusdino, Tuscany

Choosing these venues means experiencing luxury at its finest. Their history, beauty, and amenities are unmatched. Let Tuscany enhance your wedding with its grandeur and beauty.

Villa Grabau: A Tapestry of History and Elegance

Villa Grabau sits in the lush green lands of Tuscany. It shines with historical charm and class, making it perfect for weddings. This rustic tuscany wedding venue is known for its mesmerizing beauty. It sets the scene for an ideal romantic event. Close to Lucca, it enjoys both natural beauty and cultural life.

Villa Grabau

Villa Grabau is special because of its variety of spaces. The Limonaia is a favorite, great for dinners under the stars. It’s also close to the center of Lucca. This lets guests check out the town’s historical spots.

When looking at affordable tuscity wedding venues, Villa Grabau stands out. It mixes elegance with the chance to explore Lucca’s culture. Guests get to enjoy big moments and local spots.

Villa Grabau is known for its stunning architecture and green surroundings. This makes it a symbol of the beauty of rustic tuscany wedding venues. With a rich history and various settings, it’s an unforgettable place for a wedding day.

Borgo Finocchieto: A Sanctuary of Privacy and Refinement

Borgo Finocchieto shines as a top exclusive spot for Tuscany weddings. Its setting in the captivating Val d’Orcia offers an unmatched experience. Privacy and elegance define every moment here.

Borgo Finocchieto

Location & Ambiance

The beauty of Borgo Finocchieto comes from its stunning setting. It’s surrounded by beautiful hills, offering a gorgeous backdrop for Tuscany weddings. The place feels peaceful and lavish, ideal for a calm celebration.

Amenities & Features

There are many top-notch amenities to make your day special. Guests will love the comfy suites, fine dining, and modern facilities. A nearby castle adds a touch of grandeur for big receptions. It’s among the best Tuscany wedding spots.

Unique Venue Attributes

Borgo Finocchieto is known for mixing history with luxury. Its antique buildings and beautiful gardens tell rich tales. This mix of ancient charm and modern style offers a unique wedding setting.

Privacy & Prestige

Borgo Finocchieto is unique for its focus on privacy and exclusivity. It has welcomed famous guests, like the Obamas, showcasing its stature. You’re promised a private and lavish wedding experience here.

To wrap up, Borgo Finocchieto represents the pinnacle of class and privacy as a Tuscany wedding venue. With its luxurious amenities, historic beauty, and top location, your wedding will surely be unforgettable.


Our journey has shown the many beautiful places in Tuscany for couples to get married. Whether you love the cozy feel of vineyards or grand castles on hills, each spot has something special. They all capture Tuscany’s magical scenery and rich history, making your wedding unforgettable.

Tuscany shines not just because of its beauty, but also because it suits many tastes. You can find luxurious wedding spots that add glamour to your day. At the same time, there are affordable places too. So, you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy Tuscany’s beautiful views and special moments.

By picking a venue in Tuscany, you’re choosing more than just a place. You’re adding your story to Tuscany’s long history of love and beauty. The wonderful venues with their charm and views are perfect for starting your life together. Your Tuscany wedding is the start of a beautiful, lasting love story.

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