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Are you looking for unforgettable wedding venues? A unique place can elevate your special day. Choose from historical libraries, observation decks, park fountains, or artistic studios. Each spot offers its own unique charm.

Imagine exchanging vows in a place with lovely views or enchanting gardens. You could also opt for non-traditional spaces. Whether your event is small or large, the right venue matters. It sets the scene and tells your unique love story.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique wedding venues add distinctive charm to your special day.
  • Exploring various wedding locations can help you find the perfect fit.
  • Non-traditional wedding venues make ceremonies and receptions memorable.
  • Each location offers a unique atmosphere and ambiance.
  • The right venue enhances the overall experience for you and your guests.

The Library at 190 South LaSalle

The Library at 190 South LaSalle is a unique wedding venue in Chicago. Its antique furniture and stained glass windows bring an old-world charm. The high ceilings and rare book collection make it one of the most charming wedding sites in the city.

Overview of The Library

The Library has vintage brick walls and gets plenty of natural light. Its elegant decor and rare books create a stunning setting. It’s perfect for those looking for a creative place to get married.

Ceremony and Reception Spaces

The Library offers indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings. The Great Room is great for large ceremonies with its sophisticated charm. For outdoor events, the garden terrace is beautiful and blends city vibes with nature.

This mix of spaces puts it among the top unique wedding venues in Chicago.


The Library can host up to 200 guests, fitting both big and small weddings. It has various spaces that can meet different needs. It’s designed for both grand and intimate events.


Renting The Library can suit different budgets. Prices start at $160 per hour to $1,800 for a full day. Couples can add services and amenities to make their wedding special, making it a great choice for a one-of-a-kind wedding.

The Great RoomUp to 200 guests$160/hour – $1,800/dayAntique furniture, stained glass windows
Garden TerraceUp to 150 guestsStarting at $120/hourOutdoor seating, landscaped garden

360 CHICAGO Observation Deck

Imagine getting married 94 floors up, surrounded by Chicago and Lake Michigan views. The 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck offers magical scenes for your special day. It combines modern elegance with natural light, ideal for ceremonies and receptions.

unconventional wedding spaces

Breathtaking Views

The views from sunrise to sunset at 360 CHICAGO are amazing. Couples can say their vows with urban and nature scenes behind them. This adds a unique charm to your big day, making it unforgettable.

Event Packages

The 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck has special event packages. You can pick from Silver, Gold, or Platinum to make your wedding special. With options for every budget, prices range from $1,500 to $15,000.

Capacity and Amenities

This spot is perfect for small weddings of up to 75 guests. Its intimate setting makes your day personal and special. The venue also has the TILT ride and the CloudBar for celebrations, making your time here unforgettable.

Silver$1,500Basic setup, panoramic views, limited amenities
Gold$7,500Enhanced decor, additional amenities, access to TILT
Platinum$15,000Luxury package with all-inclusive amenities, CloudBar access

Cafe Brauer at Lincoln Park Zoo

Cafe Brauer is a special place for weddings, set in Lincoln Park Zoo’s green spaces. Its old charm and elegant design make it a enchanting scene for weddings.

Historical Significance

Built in the early 20th century, Cafe Brauer is full of history. With its Prairie School design, it features beautiful terra cotta details and bronzed ceilings. The large windows offer great views, making it perfect for those who love historic venues.

Ceremony and Reception Options

At Cafe Brauer, you find flexible ceremony and reception spots. Say ‘I do’ near a beautiful fountain or inside the Great Hall with pond views. It’s ideal for both small and big weddings, providing a versatile space for your big day.

Large Wedding Spaces

If you’re planning a big celebration, Cafe Brauer meets your needs. It can host up to 500 guests for receptions and 250 for dinners. With both indoor and outdoor areas, it’s great for any wedding dream.

Chicago’s First Lady Cruises

Say “I do” on Chicago’s First Lady Cruises for a romantic event. Your wedding will have the lovely Chicago skyline as its background. It’s a mix of elegance and adventure that stands out from normal weddings. This Chicago wedding venue gives you a one-of-a-kind distinctive wedding experience.

unique wedding venues on water

Their seven boats can fit any wedding size. Choose from cozy spots or big, climate-controlled decks. They can welcome between 7 to 200 guests. This makes Chicago’s First Lady Cruises a top pick for unique wedding venues on water.

This venue combines old charm with modern beauty. Since 1935, it has been a beloved spot for weddings. Couples continue to choose it for a distinctive wedding experience in Chicago.

Boat NameCapacityPrice per hour
Chicago’s First Lady200 guests$1,700
Lady Grebe7 guests$1,200
Leading Lady120 guests$1,500
Chicago’s Classic Lady199 guests$1,600

Choose a wedding on the water for a special charm. It will create moments to remember with friends and family. The view, service, and ambiance make your day not just unique, but unforgettable.

Ignite Glass Studios

Searching for artistic wedding venues? Ignite Glass Studios is filled with creativity and charm. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.

artistic wedding venues

Artistic Atmosphere

The magic of Ignite Glass Studios comes from its artistic vibe. As a glassblowing studio, it has a beautiful garden and glowing glass artwork. These create a colorful and unique setting for weddings.

Its mix of creative spots and glass art adds excitement to your big day. It’s a place where energy and art merge.

Ceremony and Reception Spaces

Ignite Glass Studios has indoor and outdoor areas for any event. The garden is peaceful for outdoor ceremonies. Inside, you’ll find striking spaces with illuminated glass for receptions.

This flexibility means you can design the experience you want. It works for both intimate and big weddings.

Rental Pricing

The venue can host up to 220 guests for sit-down receptions. Rental prices range from $4,500 to $10,000. This varies with the season and what you need.

Couples can add special touches like glass-blowing shows or a glass-breaking ritual. These make Ignite Glass Studios a highly creative choice for weddings.

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park is an unforgettable spot for weddings. It’s one of Chicago’s top landmarks, blending natural beauty with the city’s skyline. This makes it a stunning choice for anyone wanting a memorable wedding venue.

Setting and Ambiance

The setting at Buckingham Fountain is truly breathtaking. Its elegance is unmatched, making any photo magical. Surrounded by beautiful gardens against Chicago’s urban skyline, it’s perfect for big weddings.

Guest Capacity

Buckingham Fountain can host a lot of guests, up to 1,700. This means you can invite everyone you love. It’s great for those wanting a big, unforgettable celebration.

Event Costs and Permits

Having an event at Buckingham Fountain has its costs. The rental for 8 hours is $4,630. You’ll also pay for staff, security, and suppliers. Remember, you need permits from the Chicago Park District. While it requires planning, the venue’s beauty is worth it for a special day.

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