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The venue for a wedding is crucial for making the day memorable. Amarillo, Texas, offers engaged couples many venue choices. They can pick from elegant indoor ballrooms, charming outdoor settings, and more. There are farms, rustic ranches, barn venues, country clubs, and historic estates. Each venue brings the unique Texas panhandle vibe to weddings. I have selected the best wedding venues in Amarillo for you. Every venue has something special. They might have historical significance, beautiful landscapes, the latest facilities, or wonderful services. This makes each of them perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Key Takeaways

  • Amarillo, Texas offers various wedding venues for different tastes and styles.
  • Choices include indoor ballrooms, outdoor settings, farms, rustic ranches, barn venues, country clubs, and historic estates.
  • Couples can have an elegant or naturally beautiful wedding.
  • Unique features like history, landscapes, and modern amenities make each venue stand out.
  • The range of venues makes Amarillo great for unforgettable weddings.

Amarillo Club: Elegance with a View

The Amarillo Club has been celebrated for its 75-year history. It offers a gorgeous spot for weddings in the BSA Sunburst Room on the 30th floor. Guests will marvel at the panoramic views of the city, enhancing the charm and modern feel of the venue.

Historic Charm

This venue captures the essence of old times but has modern comforts too. It has rich tapestries and elegant décor. All these ensure your wedding is glamorous.

Customization Options

The Amarillo Club lets you customize your wedding. You can plan your day and pick from delicious menus. A coordinator will help you choose the right options for your day, big or small, making your dream wedding come true.

Packages and Pricing

The Club provides exclusive wedding packages for all needs. These packages offer everything from planning to the final celebration. They include top-notch services, delicious food, and other amenities to make your wedding perfect.

Starlight Canyon: Your Woodland Oasis

Starlight Canyon is a breathtaking spot, tucked away with views of Palo Duro Canyon. It’s surrounded by ancient elm trees and stunning canyon walls. This Amarillo venue is ideal for couples who want a peaceful, natural setting for their wedding.

scenic wedding venues Amarillo

Scenic Beauty

It’s full of beautiful places like the gazebo garden and an old lodge. Each offers unique settings for your ceremony or reception. The lush greenery and amazing views will make your wedding photos unforgettable.

Overnight Accommodations

The canyon turns your wedding into a cozy getaway with its rustic cabins. These accommodations in Amarillo are comfy and peaceful. You and your guests will have a memorable time together.

Wedding Packages

They offer everything you need, from aisle decor to custom invites, cakes, and menus. With room for 100 guests, there’s also a bridal suite. Starlight Canyon makes sure you have a magical wedding, right in the heart of nature.

The Grand Event Center: Modern Luxury

Since 2010, The Grand Event Center has been a top choice for weddings in Amarillo. This modern venue features gated entry, private parking, and climate-controlled indoor spaces. Guests will enjoy both elegance and the latest amenities.

Amenities and Services

The Grand Event Center leads as a modern wedding venue in Amarillo. It offers Wi-Fi, a DJ booth, and a large dance floor. The staff works hard to meet special requests, ensuring a wedding that’s both smooth and personal.

Indoor Reception Areas

The Grand Event Center’s reception areas are luxurious and modern. They can welcome up to 300 people for both small and large weddings. The design is modern and can be customized to any theme. Everyone enjoys the comfort of climate control, no matter the weather.

Customization Options

Custom wedding options in Amarillo shine at The Grand Event Center. Couples can choose special menus, timelines, and decor with the help of dedicated coordinators. Every detail is attended to, making for a memorable and luxurious wedding day.

River Breaks Ranch: Rustic Elegance

Since 1910, River Breaks Ranch has stood out for its beautiful rustic wedding venues Amarillo. It’s perfect for up to 200 guests, offering both outdoor and indoor spaces. Everyone can enjoy the charm of a screened porch and a deck with amazing Texas sunsets.

rustic wedding venues Amarillo

What makes River Breaks Ranch so special is its exciting catering options. Guests can enjoy smoked salmon, roasted pig, brisket, and BBQ. This adds a delicious touch to any wedding here.

Here’s a brief overview of what River Breaks Ranch has to offer:

LocationAmarillo, Texas
CapacityUp to 200 guests
Venue TypeIndoor and Outdoor
CateringSmoked salmon, roasted pig, brisket, BBQ
AmbianceRustic Elegance

Walking into River Breaks Ranch, you’re wrapped in the cozy yet elegant feel of country setting weddings. It promises a day filled with beauty and joy.

Yellow Rock Events: Versatility and Comfort

Yellow Rock Events was once an ’80s dance hall. Now, it’s a top wedding spot in Amarillo. It’s got an outdoor arbor and a big ballroom with climate control. That means it’s comfy any season, making it a go-to for weddings in Amarillo.

Yellow Rock Events stands out with its variety of wedding packages. Couples can pick from all-inclusive services or go the DIY route. Customized decorations, photo booth areas, and ample parking make it even more appealing.

versatile wedding venues Amarillo

The team at Yellow Rock Events works hard to make weddings special. They take care of everything from setup to cleanup. They even handle catering details, so couples don’t have to stress.

Yellow Rock Events caters to all wedding types and sizes. It’s designed to make the day easy and comfy for everyone. Here’s a table that lists what this amazing venue offers.

Venue TypeOutdoor Arbor and Ballroom
Climate ControlHeating and Cooling Systems
PackagesFull-Service to DIY Options
AmenitiesCustomized Decorations, Photo Booth Areas, Ample Parking
Staff ServicesSetup, Cleanup, Catering Coordination

Panhandle Charm Weddings & Events: Personalized Touch

Panhandle Charm Weddings & Events offers a unique wedding experience. It stands as one of the top personalized wedding venues Amarillo provides. The venue focuses on detail and offers everything needed for a memorable day tailored to your tastes.

personalized wedding venues Amarillo

Since its start in 2014, this family-run venue can host up to 250 guests. It’s perfect for small or large weddings. With its modern barn and beautiful patios, couples can choose from cozy indoors or lovely outdoors.

Panhandle Charm offers tailored wedding packs for all sizes of weddings. Whether it’s a small weekday gathering or a big weekend bash, they have something for everyone.

Sound SystemState-of-the-art audio equipment for crisp, clear sound.
Bridal and Groom SuitesDedicated spaces for pre-ceremony preparations and relaxation.
Prep KitchenFully equipped kitchen for catering needs.

When you choose Panhandle Charm for your wedding, you’re choosing a venue that truly cares. They make sure your wedding day reflects your unique love story in every detail.

Amarillo Country Club: Traditional Sophistication

The Amarillo Country Club stands as a symbol of timeless elegance for over 100 years. It provides amazing indoor and outdoor spaces. These spaces are perfect for ceremonies and receptions.

country club weddings Amarillo

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The clubhouse overlooks a stunning golf course. It has a fancy ballroom and dining room for up to 300 people. These spots combine sophistication and comfort for weddings in Amarillo.

Event Services

The Amarillo Country Club is known for its top-notch service. They offer help with planning and coordination on your big day. Their team makes sure everything is elegant and runs smoothly.

Delightful Cuisine

The food is the star at country club weddings in Amarillo. The club’s chefs win awards for their menus. They make sure your meal is as delightful as your celebration.


Amarillo’s wedding venues are varied and beautiful. They provide the perfect setting for your big day. From historic spots to modern settings, Amarillo has it all. These venues let you tell your own story and make lasting memories surrounded by Amarillo’s charm.

You have many choices in Amarillo, whether you love rustic, modern, or lavish styles. Each place has its own charm, waiting to add to your love celebration. Picking the right venue is key to making your wedding day unforgettable.

Amarillo offers venues from historic ballrooms to scenic outdoor spots, and luxurious centers to urban spaces. These places don’t just offer a location; they offer a chapter in your love story to treasure forever. Find the perfect Amarillo venue and make memories that last a lifetime. Your wedding deserves a place that fits your unique story and makes your day truly special.

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