wedding venues in the mountains of north carolina

North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains offer the perfect mix of nature and rustic elegance for weddings. Couples looking for a special wedding day will find many venues here. From hidden estates to beautiful vineyards, each place has its own charm.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Ridge Mountains offer an idyllic setting for weddings.
  • The region features various venues with rustic charm.
  • Couples can choose from secluded estates, picturesque vineyards, and more.
  • Every venue offers a unique mountain allure.
  • Perfect for couples looking for a memorable wedding experience.

Hawkesdene: A Luxurious Private Estate

Hawkesdene is tucked away in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It defines luxury for wedding venues on its 70-acre estate. It is perfect for those who want an exclusive place to get married. The beauty of the mountains and the elegant interiors show its sophistication.

Location and Atmosphere

This venue is in the peaceful mountains of Western North Carolina. It offers 44 luxurious bedrooms for a private wedding experience. Couples and their guests can enjoy a cozy, extended stay. The mix of nature and luxury makes this destination very special.

Exclusive Experience

Hawkesdene offers something unique for weddings. It gives couples the entire estate for themselves. This means total privacy and a personal touch to their big day. Every wedding here is made special, tailored to what the couple desires.

Amenities and Services

The services at Hawkesdene focus on attention to detail. A dedicated team works to make every wedding perfect. Guests can enjoy top-notch accommodations and event spaces. There’s also gourmet food and fun activities for everyone.

Brushy Mountain Golf Club

In the foothills of North Carolina, Brushy Mountain Golf Club is a stunning setting for weddings. It combines natural beauty with upscale features, perfect for couples looking for everything in one place.

golf club wedding venues

Charming Foothills Setting

Known for its beautiful foothills setting, Brushy Mountain offers lush views for your big day. It’s perfect for taking breathtaking wedding photos and holding outdoor ceremonies.

Onsite Amenities

At this venue, you’ll find many amenities for a smooth wedding. They offer catering, places to stay, and fun activities. Guests can golf or ski at Sugar Mountain, turning your wedding into a fun retreat.

Restaurant CateringCustomizable menus provided by an onsite restaurant, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.
Onsite LodgingComfortable accommodations available for guests, making it convenient for overnight stays.
Leisure ActivitiesDiverse recreational options including golf and skiing, offering entertainment for guests of all ages.

Brushy Mountain Golf Club has everything for your wedding, making it a top choice in North Carolina. It’s a sought-after venue for an unforgettable wedding in a beautiful location.

Roaring River Vineyards

Roaring River Vineyards is tucked away by the river in Traphill, NC. It’s perfect for couples looking for beauty and elegance on their big day. This place is a dream spot for those wanting a vineyard wedding venue that shines with charm.

Stunning Riverfront Venue

With 50 acres, this place has a grand stone entrance and wide-open views. It stands out as one of North Carolina’s most beautiful scenic outdoor wedding venues. The hills and calm river offer a perfect natural wedding backdrop, making your vows extra special.

LocationTraphill, NC
Acreage50 acres
Key AttractionRiverfront and scenic views
EntranceBeautiful stone entrance

For those who love the idea of a riverfront wedding location, Roaring River Vineyards is unmatched. Its pristine landscapes and riverfront views make your wedding stand out. Your big day will be enveloped in nature’s beauty, making it truly memorable.

Unique Mountain Wedding Venues at JuneBug Asheville

JuneBug Asheville in Weaverville, North Carolina, is truly unique. It blends history and charm with a beautiful mountain backdrop. This place makes any wedding unforgettable. Couples will love its vintage yet rustic wedding spots.

unique wedding venues

Vintage Experience

JuneBug Asheville offers a step back in time. It has restored 1950s elements like vintage campers and an old farm truck. If you want a vintage wedding, this place has both style and spirit.

Rustic Charm

JuneBug Asheville adds a rustic feel to your big day. An old tractor and lovely landscapes give it a unique edge. For a wedding that captures beauty and history, this spot is perfect.

LocationWeaverville, North Carolina
Vintage Elements1950s Vintage Campers, Historic Farm Truck, Tractor
AmbianceHistoric Wedding Venues with Rustic Charm

Choosing JuneBug Asheville means picking a place with unique and historic value. It’s perfect for those who love history, rustic, and vintage charm. Your wedding will be full of moments you’ll always remember.

Rustic Weddings at Payne Meadows

Payne Meadows, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains near Murphy, North Carolina, provides a magical rustic wedding setting. This venue suits those wanting a private, charming place for their big day. Surrounded by nature, it’s a prime spot for couples looking for intimacy and beauty.

Secluded Appalachian Location

Located in Cherokee County, Payne Meadows sits in the stunning Appalachian landscape. It offers a peaceful and secluded setting for weddings. Here, couples and guests can enjoy the quiet beauty of the area. This ensures a wedding day that’s both enchanting and memorable.

Barn Wedding Experience

The barn at Payne Meadows is a highlight, perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It radiates country charm and provides a cozy yet spacious setting for celebrations. For those dreaming of a barn wedding that’s both rustic and elegant, Payne Meadows is a must-see. It mixes natural beauty with rustic sophistication for a truly memorable wedding.

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