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Are you dreaming of a romantic wedding? Upstate New York is the perfect spot. It boasts a range of settings from lush gardens to grand mansions and quaint barns. There’s a venue for every couple’s taste.

Upstate NY is known for its beautiful landscapes and cozy settings. It’s perfect for your big day. If you prefer a small, intimate wedding or a big, luxurious one, you’ll find it here. Barn-style weddings are quite popular, giving a cozy and nostalgic feel. There’s a great selection of these venues in Upstate New York.

Key Takeaways

  • Upstate New York offers a variety of picturesque wedding venues.
  • Choose from gardens, mansions, hotels, and rustic venues.
  • Barn-style weddings are trending for their nostalgic charm.
  • Find intimate wedding venues for a close-knit celebration.
  • Explore luxury wedding venues for a grand event.

Discover the Rustic Charm of Barn Wedding Venues

Barn wedding venues in Upstate NY are growing in popularity. They have a quaint and idyllic charm. Couples who want a rustic wedding with modern conveniences and lovely scenery find them perfect.

Windmill Acres

Windmill Acres is a standout barn wedding venue. It has a historic barn with exposed beams, which creates a cozy atmosphere. The state-of-the-art sound system ensures a fun and memorable reception. Being one of the more affordable options, it gives great value without losing its enchanting feel.

Arlington Acres

Arlington Acres is another gem in Upstate NY. It’s known for its calm country setting and a unique arch made from farm tree branches. This feature adds to its charm, making it a beautiful place for peaceful, picturesque weddings. It’s also affordable, which makes it very popular.

Hayloft on the Arch

Hayloft on the Arch embodies rustic charm. It has a spacious dance floor and a full-service bar. The venue is surrounded by old willow trees and a river, providing stunning photo ops. It combines nature’s beauty with modern amenities, ranking it high among affordable wedding venues in Upstate NY.

VenueFeaturesSpecial Attraction
Windmill AcresHistoric barn, exposed beams, state-of-the-art sound systemCozy atmosphere
Arlington AcresCountry setting, tree-branch archSerene ambiance
Hayloft on the ArchDance floor, full-service bar, willow trees, riverPicturesque scenery

Elegant Mansion and Estate Venues

For those dreaming of a wedding full of elegance and sophistication, Upstate New York’s mansion venues are perfect. These luxury wedding venues mix opulent interiors with beautiful outdoor spaces. They create an unforgettable setting for your big day.

elegant wedding venues

The Vanderbilt Mansion

The Vanderbilt Mansion offers a breathtaking scene with its lovely gardens and grand ballrooms. This historic site is among the most elegant, filled with charm and luxury. It promises a memorable day for all guests.

Glenmere Mansion

Glenmere Mansion is a top choice with its vast estate and high-end amenities. It sits among beautiful gardens, offering a romantic spot for weddings. It’s perfect for both ceremonies and celebrations.

The Mansion at Glen Cove

The Mansion at Glen Cove blends historic design with beautiful greenery. It has elegant ballrooms and well-kept gardens, making it a splendid choice for luxury weddings.

Belhurst Castle

Belhurst Castle combines fairy-tale magic with historical elegance. Its stone buildings and stunning landscapes make it ideal for those who want beauty and sophistication. It’s a top pick for luxurious weddings.

These elegant wedding venues in Upstate NY offer breathtaking views and beautiful gardens. Their luxurious ballrooms make your wedding day truly unforgettable. They perfectly blend classic elegance with natural beauty.

Stunning Outdoor Wedding Venues in Upstate NY

Discover the magic of Upstate New York with its outdoor wedding venues. These places have stunning views and a unique charm. Whether you want a garden wedding or a natural setting, you’ll find unforgettable options here.

Mohonk Mountain House

The Mohonk Mountain House sits within the Shawangunk Mountains. It’s like a fairy tale castle surrounded by nature. With luxurious stays and vast grounds, it’s a dream place for weddings. Its forest scenes are perfect for anyone wanting romance in nature.

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park

Sonnenberg Gardens is a haven for garden wedding lovers. This majestic park has several landscaped gardens, each prettier than the last. It’s the place to get married among blooming flowers and stunning views. It truly captures the beauty of natural weddings.

Sagamore Resort

The Sagamore Resort mixes luxury with natural beauty beautifully. Located by Lake George, it offers lakeside views and grand ballrooms. The presence of the Adirondack mountains adds to its charm. It’s a top choice for a memorable wedding in nature.

  1. Victorian castle resort setting
  2. Expansive and varied garden landscapes
  3. Lakeside terraces and ballrooms

Unique and Quirky Wedding Venues for a Memorable Day

If you’re a couple looking to break out of the traditional mold, exploring unique wedding venues could be the perfect way to make your day unforgettable. Upstate New York offers plenty of quirky wedding venues that are sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

The Roxbury Barn & Estate

For a whimsical yet elegant setting, The Roxbury Barn & Estate provides a spectacular pine grove and stunning mountain views. This venue seamlessly combines nature with sophistication, making it one of the most unique wedding venues around.

Inns of Aurora

The Inns of Aurora capture the charm of a historic village along Cayuga Lake. With several stunning properties to choose from, each offering its own distinctive character, it’s one of the most memorable wedding venues for couples seeking an intimate and picturesque atmosphere.

Howe Caverns

Imagine exchanging vows 156 feet underground—Howe Caverns offers this extraordinary experience! As one of the most quirky wedding venues, it adds a sense of adventure and uniqueness to your special day.

unique wedding venues

VenueUnique Features
The Roxbury Barn & EstatePine grove, mountain views
Inns of AuroraHistoric village charm, lakeside
Howe CavernsUnderground setting
RoundhouseWaterfall views, industrial chic

Historical New York Wedding Venues for Vintage Elegance

Dive into the ageless beauty of historic wedding spots that shine with old-world charm. These treasures are ideal for duos envisioning a history-rich and elegant wedding. Let’s explore some top spots:

Franklin Plaza

In Troy’s center, Franklin Plaza was once a bank and now marries old architecture with new comforts. Its grand ballroom and antique decor provide a sophisticated scene for your big day. It’s popular among those looking for vintage wedding venues in New York.

Hayloft on the Arch

Hayloft on the Arch, a 19th-century dairy barn, brings history to life. Its rural charm adds warmth and a welcoming feel. For those who love historical wedding venues, it’s a top pick.

The Cracker Factory

Geneva’s Cracker Factory features original wood floors and wide-open spaces. It lets you tailor your setting. The blend of history and modern flair makes it a standout among elegant wedding venues.

historical wedding venues

Top Wedding Venes Upstate NY: Reviews and Tips

Finding the right place from the top wedding venues upstate NY can be challenging. You need to think about your style, your guests’ comfort, and the wedding vibe you want. I’ve taken advice from many couples and focused on key points to help you choose wisely for your dream day.

best wedding venues upstate ny

Venue capacity is very important. It matters whether you want a small gathering or a big celebration. Also, a venue’s beauty can make your wedding photos stunning. Look for places with beautiful gardens, amazing views, or cool barns for a lasting memory.

Having the venue only for yourself is something to think about. Many top places in upstate NY let you have the venue to yourself. This makes your wedding more private ans special. So, find a venue that gives you and your guests exclusive access for the day.

Here’s a handy comparison table to help with your decision-making:

VenueCapacityScenic QualitiesExclusivityAmenities
Mohonk Mountain HouseUp to 200Mountain views, gardensYesAccommodation, spa, activities
The Roxbury Barn & EstateUp to 150Pine grove, rustic barnYesFull service, catering options
Belhurst CastleUp to 250Castle, lakeside viewsNoEvent planning, dining

Amenities are key too. Thinking about catering, places to stay, and maybe a spa can ease your stress. Knowing what you want helps find venues that have it all. This way, you can pick the perfect place for your big day.


Upstate New York offers a wide variety of wedding venues. You can find everything from rustic barns to elegant mansions. This region has it all whether you want an outdoor setting or something more grand.

Choosing a wedding venue in Upstate NY means matching what you want with what’s available. Places like Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park offer garden views. The Vanderbilt Mansion gives you historic elegance. Each place has its own story to make your day special.

To have the perfect wedding in Upstate NY, plan carefully and know what you want. This region offers everything from simple to lavish venues. With so many options, you can find the right spot for your wedding day. Upstate New York’s diverse venues mean your wedding can be as unique as you are.

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