5 Wedding Planning Tips To Help Plan the Most Epic Wedding

Need some wedding planning tips? Well, whoever pulled off the biggest wedding in the world with 30,000 guests deserves a round of applause. Because the one thing that no one tells you after getting engaged is how crazy it gets.

Your wedding day might be a joyful occasion to celebrate the love between you and your partner. But we all know that it’s also about throwing the most epic party for your wedding guests! So how do you make your one stand out?

Wedding organizing is no easy task, and even the tiniest of details can cause a serious meltdown. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, because here’s a secret: things like hand-lettered invitations don’t really matter that much in the end. But here is what does.

1. The Ultimate Venue

Some brides spend years dreaming of their perfect wedding venue. However, the reality is that there will certainly be more than a few opinions on that, especially if family and friends get involved. So definitely keep your budget in check before getting swept up in all the excitement and drama!

Is the venue easy to get to? Does it have existing features so that you don’t need to decorate? Do they provide a vetted list of caterers and suppliers?

These are all factors that will make so much difference when it comes to choosing a venue.

2. Who Needs Transportation?

With so much planning to do, transport is probably something that you might not be thinking about until the last minute. Whether you’re having a wedding in the city or in a more rural location (with perhaps different stops on the way), having a professional wedding chauffeur service will help relieve you from the stress of the wedding day.

3. Accommodation Options

Does the wedding venue have accommodation? If not, then you’ll need to look at booking a place to stay after the end of the night. Wedding guests traveling from far may also want to book somewhere too, so having a list of nearby hotels for them to choose from can be helpful.

4. Wedding Planning Tips for Catering

Cold finger foods are best kept as light canapes with drinks before dinner to keep guests happy and not starving. Food trucks might be on trend right now, but if you’ve got a wedding list with over a hundred people, then you may want to reconsider.

5. Keep Entertainment Light

It’s tempting to pack in as many activities as possible, but it’s always good to give your guests some time to relax. Not only does this relieve the stress of trying to keep to a rigid timetable, but it will give everyone a chance to mingle and have a choice of which activities they want to join in with (or not).

Don’t Sweat the Details

These wedding planning tips are sure to make your special day memorable for years to come. And there’s really no need to agonize over wedding favors and elaborate floral displays because, in the end, it’s all about having a great time.

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